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익명 회원 said: ahha i don't think i have any ways to contact you other than /ask. i would like to believe this is just a phase where things cool down, and there will be time when the hype rises up again. let's just hope so... not sad though, i'm just a tad bit worried about future, job, and life in general. i mean, i'm out of college now... i should mind those... haha. AAH TRAVELING YES I WANT TO where to anyway? have fun on the trip tho! <3 and no, i celebrate christmas, easter and the like. do you too? :)

if you have twitter or line or kakao you can still find me there anyway if you don’t mind to reveal your identity hehe. i hope this is just a phase where things cool down really. ah i see. i’m worried a lot about that too that’s what i hate the most for not being student anymore but then again i’m continuing my study for another year so i have a year to worry about it lol. i’m going to switzerland today :) i’m not usually a nervous flyer but what happened to flights these days you know, please wish me a safe flight :D haha yes i do celebrate them too :) what are you going to do during this holiday ?

18.07.93 - Happy Birthday 이태민 ♡

you’re a little brat even though you’re really not, you’ve kept growing up and learning and you just keep making yourself improve and turn into a wonderful man. we all love you very much and are proud of you and of all the things you’ve accomplished and the things you tried and didn’t accomplished, we’re proud of your strength, motivation and work. i hope you will always find a way to be happy and, as for today, i hope it’s one of the most marvelous days for you. only you know how much you deserve it. 

Happy Birthday Taemin *:・゚✧


Pink sand on Ellafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece. Pink sand is formed of tiny red organisms that grow on dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall to the ocean floor and are washed onto shore.

Photo credit: Jan-Erik Larsson


“Warm Water”

A Hot Summer on BSDA

when you meet your idol in a restroom


Ladies 2014 - The best comebacks of kpop ladies from the first half of 2014


AOA - Miniskirt / Sunmi - Full Moon / Fiestar - One More / Mamamoo - Mr. Ambiguous / f(x) - Red Light / SPICA - You Don’t Love Me / 2NE1 - Crush / Gain - Fxxk U / Girl’s Day - Something / SNSD - Mr. Mr. / Hyosung - Good Night Kiss / 4minute - Whatcha Doin’ Today / Jiyeon - 1Min 1Seg