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all white sneakers


2014 S/S

'Life to Stone' photographed by Clara Giaminardi for Nasty

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Kai X Grazia - Visual part 2



Make your own Kai



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익명 회원 said: ahha i don't think i have any ways to contact you other than /ask. i would like to believe this is just a phase where things cool down, and there will be time when the hype rises up again. let's just hope so... not sad though, i'm just a tad bit worried about future, job, and life in general. i mean, i'm out of college now... i should mind those... haha. AAH TRAVELING YES I WANT TO where to anyway? have fun on the trip tho! <3 and no, i celebrate christmas, easter and the like. do you too? :)

if you have twitter or line or kakao you can still find me there anyway if you don’t mind to reveal your identity hehe. i hope this is just a phase where things cool down really. ah i see. i’m worried a lot about that too that’s what i hate the most for not being student anymore but then again i’m continuing my study for another year so i have a year to worry about it lol. i’m going to switzerland today :) i’m not usually a nervous flyer but what happened to flights these days you know, please wish me a safe flight :D haha yes i do celebrate them too :) what are you going to do during this holiday ?