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ohxing said: this is happening to me and its sAD its so quiet ;;

i really really miss tumblr during wolf-MID era, when everyone was so active and everything was so happy on the fandom. even the long hiatus era after MAMA era was not this quiet at least everyone ranted how they’re longing for exo’s comeback. maybe the hype just died down on tumblr or maybe everyone is growing up and getting calm now but i can’t help missing the old times :’)

익명 회원 said: no haha didn't ask you about the anon button. i don't follow that much blogs so my dash is usually quite inactive but yes it's even worse nowadays. is the exo hype dying or something... i'm good i guess, finished uni, enjoying my free time before picking up a job while feeding mah pheelz. /sad life is sad/ how's yours? :D

i thought you were the one who asked me about the anon button because there was someone who asked me about me turning off the anon option haha. idk if exo fandom’s hype has died down or tumblr’s hype has died down in general tbh because i’m following other fandom blogs too (not really a lot) but their blog are quiet as well ;; why are you sad kartini ssi ? ;; mine’s good ! ah i forgot to answer if I’m going to be more active on tumblr or not but i will be in a semi hiatus until september because holiday trip and other things to do, i’m going on holiday trip tomorrow yay :D ah are you celebrating eid mubarak ?


Kai - 140716 Fashion KODE2014 opening ceremony

Credit: Devil Dancer. (Fashion KODE2014 오프닝 세레모니)

The half fifty hyung, Minseok!

익명 회원 said: AH YOU ENABLED ANON are you now active on tumblr again? how is catching up with real life going? i kind of miss you HAHAHA this is kartini anon if you cannot tell

haha yes omg kartini ssi are you the one who is asking me about the anon button :o how is catching up with real life hmm it’s good i guess ? :D i missed you too and i missed being on tumblr tbh but my dash is getting more and more quiet is this happen to you too ? ;u; how’s life kartini ssi ? :)